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drawing a day 04232012

I absolutely love how marks change when they overlap each other. Looking at this now and I'm thinking how to use some of the same marks again. The tire track type mark just asks to be used again. Hoping that printing will keep the same feeling.


drawing a day 04212012

Surprise. Surprise.

Stepping backing into less.

A quiet drawing for a quiet and restful day. The first time I look at these off the iPhone is amazing. It's a trip to see what happens when they are like when freed from the confines of te phone screen. So looking forward to printing them out.

This was as big a surprise as the last drawing.


drawing a day 04182012

Making the little dots inspired me. I actually started with the little and then created the larger more transparent ones. I made a decision along the way that the build up in density would be most of the color change.

It is restful — like paddling through a pond of water lilies.


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