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drawing a day 04152012

Stepping away from the spirgraph and into a transition to the next real experiment. This is a quiet piece. Repetitive yes but dark. A bit of a dip into my constellation drawings.

It's fun. Mostly it's making something on the way to something else.

drawing a day 04102012

This was a surprise.
I really decided to experiment in the opposite direction here. I have been making drawings where the discovery was about how different could my drawings be in a digital realm. I found out a lot about that and it's not over yet.

But now I'm looking at more deliberately making things that I might want to try in the studio on substrates with new materials.

drawing a day 04092012

Using the same tools but with more liquid feel. Trying to experiment in ways that I may be able to move ourt of a digital toolset and onto paper in the studio. I've found a number of tools that may make that possible.

With the discovery of acrylic inks and graffiti paint markets I may be on my way.

drawing a day 04082012

Moving into a direction with more and more layers. This is my process when I work with pastels or sometimes colored pencils. It's harder to achieve these layers with inks.

This is a combination of the two techniques. In the digital I can make tools that are like pens and have ink effects but not encounter the difficulties of trying to achieve this on paper.

Thank you iPhone.


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